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Is it easier to become infected with COVID-19 if you have multiple sclerosis?
Can a person manage MS with acupuncture? Learn more in this episode about MS and COVID-19!
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In this video, I discuss:
- acupuncture for multiple sclerosis (MS)
- causes of multiple sclerosis (MS)
- symptoms of multiple sclerosis
- multiple sclerosis and coronavirus
- are people with multiple sclerosis more likely to get the coronavirus
- coronavirus and multiple sclerosis symptoms
- coronavirus medicine
- acupuncture for coronavirus symptoms
- liver qi deficiency
- spleen qi deficiency
- kidney qi deficiency
- how to boost your immune system

In previous video, I discuss:
- kidney yin deficiency
- recipes to boost your immune system
- acupuncture for dizziness
- acupuncture for vertigo
- acupuncture for tinnitus
- upper, middle, and lower jiaos
- yin and yang essence

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